6 Children Dead As School Bus Overturns In Haryana, Driver Allegedly Drunk

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By Sunil Chaudhary

Tragedy struck in Haryana’s Mahendragarh as a school bus, carrying students from Class 4 to 10, overturned near Unhani village of Kanina. In a devastating turn of events, six children lost their lives and over 20 others sustained injuries when the bus rammed into a tree on Thursday morning. Shockingly, police suspect the driver was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the accident.

6 Children Dead As School Bus Overturns In Haryana, Driver Allegedly Drunk

The ill-fated bus belonged to GL Public School, which was operational despite a holiday for Eid-ul-Fitr, according to officials. In the aftermath of the crash, the scene was hauntingly marked by scattered schoolbags and bottles, serving as poignant reminders of the young lives abruptly cut short.

As per reports from the district administration, 12 injured students have been admitted to a local hospital, while two critically injured individuals have been transferred to a hospital in Rohtak. Police sources revealed that the driver allegedly abandoned the speeding vehicle after losing control, suggesting possible intoxication.

Senior police officer Arsh Verma confirmed, “We are investigating the drink driving claims and have conducted a medical test on the driver. The bus’s fitness certificate was not renewed.” Shockingly, official documents revealed that the bus’s fitness certificate had expired a staggering six years ago in 2018, raising serious concerns about safety protocols.

Expressing condolences, Prime Minister Narendra Modi lamented the tragic loss of lives and wished for the speedy recovery of the injured children. Meanwhile, a further tragedy unfolded as the parents of one student sustained injuries in a bike accident en route to the crash site, resulting in the death of their younger daughter.

Haryana Chief Minister Nayab Saini extended sympathies to the bereaved families and assured support for the injured. “The local administration is ready to help the injured. I wish all the injured a speedy recovery,” he stated.

State Education Minister Seema Trikha announced an inquiry into why the school was operating on a holiday, while police commenced questioning school authorities regarding the circumstances leading up to the tragic incident. As investigations unfold, questions surrounding accountability and safety measures loom large, casting a somber shadow over the community’s collective consciousness

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