Kejriwal Routine in Tihar Jail

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By Sunil Chaudhary

Kejriwal to be lodged in Tihar jail number 2; medication, sugar sensor, special diet on the cards

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s impending stay in Tihar Jail entails a series of arrangements, including prescribed medication, special dietary considerations, and access to personal items, according to senior prison officials.

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Prison Stay Arrangements

Kejriwal will be accommodated in Tihar jail number 2, which predominantly houses convicts. Senior jail officers indicate that standard procedures will be followed, including inputting the CM’s details into the jail system and ensuring compliance with court-authorized requests.

Medical and Dietary Needs

As per court directives, Kejriwal is expected to receive prescribed medication and may be allowed to carry a sugar sensor device, if unavailable within the jail premises, to monitor his sugar levels. Additionally, the court has approved requests for special dietary requirements, including home-cooked food, bottled water, and provisions like isabgol, glucose, toffees, and bananas to manage his sugar levels effectively.

Personal Items and Comforts

In adherence to court orders, Kejriwal will be permitted to carry or wear his spectacles and religious locket. Furthermore, requests for personal items such as books, notepad, and pen are under consideration. In the event of unavailability within the jail, the CM may be allowed to bring his own, subject to scrutiny.

Jail Routine and Protocol

Tihar jail number 2 operates on a structured routine, starting with the barracks opening at 6 am. Inmates are served breakfast, followed by lunch and evening snacks, with dinner served around 7 pm. The barracks close at 8 pm, with regular headcounts conducted by superintendents.


As preparations unfold for Arvind Kejriwal’s stay in Tihar Jail, meticulous arrangements are being made to ensure his comfort and adherence to medical and dietary requirements. The upcoming period in incarceration marks a unique chapter in the political leader’s journey, amidst ongoing legal proceedings and public scrutiny

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