Bank Holiday Declared for Lok Sabha Election 2024 Phase 1 Voting

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By Sunil Chaudhary

In preparation for the Lok Sabha Election 2024 Phase 1 polling, several cities across India are set to observe a bank holiday on April 19. This decision aims to facilitate the electoral process and allow citizens to exercise their democratic rights without hindrance. Here’s a comprehensive overview of the situation:

Bank Holiday Declared for Lok Sabha Election 2024 Phase 1 Voting

Bank Holiday Details:

  • Hindustan Times reports that banks in specific cities will remain closed on April 19, coinciding with Phase 1 of the Lok Sabha elections.
  • The Economic Times echoes the sentiment, detailing the closure of banks in certain cities for the polling day.
  • According to Zee News, financial institutions in select cities will also be closed on April 19 due to the elections.

Voting Information:

  • The Indian Express provides essential information about Phase 1 of the Lok Sabha elections, including polling dates, timings, key candidates, and constituencies.
  • Mint offers insights into prominent candidates contesting in various constituencies during Phase 1 of the elections.

Electoral Dynamics:

  • India Today analyzes the strength and weaknesses of political parties like DMK, BJP, and Congress in Phase 1 of the elections.
  • BusinessLine highlights a concerning trend where one-third of constituencies in Phase 1 and 2 have no women candidates contesting.

Election Preparations:

  • The Hindu reports the participation of notable figures, including 8 Union Ministers, 2 former CMs, and one ex-governor in the electoral fray.
  • Business Today provides a comprehensive overview of Phase 1 voting, detailing the states and seats involved.

Public Holiday and School Closure:

  • informalnewz announces a public holiday declared for employees and students, with offices and schools remaining closed.
  • Times Now and India TV News share information about school closures in certain cities on April 19 due to the elections.

Electoral Commission Initiatives:

  • Nagaland Post emphasizes the Election Commission’s efforts to counter fake news and ensure freebies are not distributed during the elections.
  • The Statesman reports on Election Commission officials’ meetings with DMs and police top brass to ensure smooth conduct of Phase 1 polls.


As India gears up for the Lok Sabha Election 2024 Phase 1, the declaration of a bank holiday underscores the significance of facilitating voter turnout and ensuring a smooth electoral process. With notable candidates in the fray and various initiatives by the Election Commission, all eyes are on the upcoming polls, reflecting the vibrancy of India’s democratic fabric

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