Freedom Business Retreat 2024 Kicks Off at Leela Palace Chennai

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By Sunil Chaudhary

Chennai, April 1, 2024 – The much-anticipated two-day event, Freedom Business Retreat 2024 (#FBR2024), organized by India’s leading digital coach Siddharth Rajsekar, commenced today at the opulent Leela Palace in Chennai. Attended by a multitude of digital coaches from across the nation, the event promises to be an immersive experience tailored to elevate their coaching businesses to new heights.


Siddharth Rajsekar on the stage of the Event Freedom Business Retreat 2024 #FBR2024 #ILH


Siddharth Rajsekar, renowned for his expertise in digital entrepreneurship and the founder of Internet Lifestyle, has curated an array of activities designed to empower and inspire coaches in attendance. From insightful workshops to interactive sessions and networking opportunities, the retreat aims to equip participants with the tools and strategies needed to thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

With a focus on fostering collaboration and innovation, the event has garnered significant excitement within the coaching community. Attendees expressed enthusiasm about the prospect of learning from industry experts and connecting with like-minded professionals.

“The energy here is electrifying! Siddharth and his team have gone above and beyond to create an enriching experience for us,” remarked one attendee, highlighting the palpable buzz surrounding the event.

The Freedom Business Retreat 2024 is poised to be one of the largest gatherings of digital coaches in Bharat, underscoring the growing importance of digital entrepreneurship in the country. Against the backdrop of a rapidly digitizing economy, individuals seeking to carve their niche in the coaching industry view events like these as invaluable opportunities for growth and development.

As the first day of the retreat unfolds, anticipation mounts for the insightful sessions and collaborative exercises planned for tomorrow. With participants brimming with enthusiasm and determination, the Freedom Business Retreat 2024 sets the stage for a transformative journey towards entrepreneurial success in the digital age.

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