MI vs DC: Just Jasprit things as Bumrah bowls a fantastic yorker, Rohit Sharma faces Ishant Sharma in an exciting showdown

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By Gulam Mohammad

In IPL 2024, it was a rollercoaster of emotions as the Mumbai Indians triumphed over the Delhi Capitals, winning by 29 runs.

MI vs DC: Just Jasprit things as Bumrah bowls a fantastic yorker, Rohit Sharma faces Ishant Sharma in an exciting showdown

In IPL 2024, it was a rollercoaster of emotions as the Mumbai Indians triumphed over the Delhi Capitals, winning by 29 runs.

Just Jassi things

“Just Jassi things” refers to the remarkable abilities and consistent performances of Jasprit Bumrah, particularly his skill in delivering lethal yorkers. It’s not surprising that he can bowl such deliveries, but what sets him apart is his ability to dismiss even well-set batsmen who are aware of his strengths.

In the match against Delhi Capitals, Bumrah was brought back into the attack when the opposition was building a good partnership. He unleashed one of his trademark yorkers, which seemed like a guided missile aimed straight at the stumps. It’s as if his mind has a built-in radar, and he can command the ball to hit the stumps with pinpoint accuracy.

Prithvi Shaw, who was batting confidently on 66 runs off just 39 balls, was the victim of this delivery. Despite Shaw’s form and the momentum he was building, Bumrah found the tiniest of gaps between the bat and the stumps. The ball angled in sharply, narrowly missing Shaw’s back foot before crashing into the leg stump and sending it flying. Bumrah’s celebration, in contrast to the intensity of the delivery, was typically understated – just a leap and a gentle smile.

Battle of the Sharmas

The “Battle of the Sharmas” refers to the encounter between Rohit Sharma and Ishant Sharma, two cricketers who have known each other for a long time. They have been teammates in the Indian cricket team since the mid-2010s and have likely faced each other many times in practice sessions and matches. Although their international duties may have limited their interactions in domestic cricket, they have both been part of the Indian Premier League (IPL) since its inception, adding to their familiarity with each other’s playing styles.

In a recent IPL match, Rohit Sharma, leading the Mumbai Indians, had an early advantage in the encounter. He anticipated Ishant Sharma’s bowling tactics well and capitalized on a delivery outside off-stump by sweeping it for a boundary over short fine-leg. The next ball was lofted effortlessly over mid-off for another boundary. Ishant’s next delivery, a wide down the leg-side, resulted in five wides, adding to Mumbai’s tally.

However, Ishant Sharma, the experienced pacer, made a strong comeback after conceding 14 runs in two legal deliveries. He managed to trouble Rohit with three deliveries that narrowly missed the outside edge, and the fourth was cautiously played to the cover region.

Overall, while the over was fruitful for the Mumbai Indians in terms of runs scored, the individual battle between the two veterans didn’t have a clear winner, showcasing the competitive spirit and skill of both players.

No fairytale comeback

The phrase “no fairytale comeback” describes the unfortunate return of Suryakumar Yadav to the cricket field after a period of absence due to injury. Despite the anticipation surrounding his return, his comeback in the Indian Premier League (IPL) match turned out to be brief and disappointing.

Yadav, who holds the prestigious title of being the No. 1 T20I batsman in the world, had been eagerly awaited by both the Indian team and the Mumbai Indians, especially after the team’s consecutive defeats at the beginning of their IPL campaign. However, his lack of recent match practice became evident as he faced only two deliveries before being dismissed.

Although Yadav had participated in a few practice matches at the National Cricket Academy, the transition from practice to facing high-quality pace in a competitive game proved challenging. His opponent, Anrich Nortje, a South African fast bowler, welcomed Yadav with a rapid yorker delivery that he struggled to read. Despite an appeal from Nortje for a leg-before-wicket decision, the ball seemed to be sliding down the leg side, and there was even a hint of an inside edge.

Known for his aggressive batting approach, Yadav attempted to take on Nortje by lofting the ball over the infield. However, he mistimed the shot, resulting in a catch taken by substitute fielder Jake Fraser-McGurk at mid-on. This dismissal meant that Yadav returned to the pavilion without scoring, ending his comeback abruptly.

Capitals on a slippery slope

The Delhi Capitals find themselves in a precarious position, showing signs of already looking towards the next season despite being only five matches into the current one. Coming off a heavy defeat in their previous game, they once again conceded a substantial total against the Mumbai Indians but lacked urgency in their response. The composition of their batting lineup revealed the thinness of their resources, with key players like David Warner not being as impactful due to age and lack of recent game-time. Prithvi Shaw’s inconsistency further highlighted their lack of firepower, particularly evident when young Abhishek Porel was sent in to bat at No. 3 during a daunting chase of 235 runs. In comparison to other teams, Delhi Capitals appeared to lack pedigree and experience in crucial batting positions. Their net run rate suffered a blow in their previous match, indicating the need for stronger performances from their key players. With Rishabh Pant and Tristan Stubbs still to bat, the decision to send Axar Patel at No. 6 seemed questionable, and the inclusion of Kumar Kushagra as an impact batsman highlighted the limitations of their squad. Unless they can quickly turn things around, this season might turn out to be another disappointment for the Capitals.

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