Principal Among 3 Arrested After 6 Students Killed In Haryana Bus Crash

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By Sunil Chaudhary

Principal Among 3 Arrested After 6 Students Killed In Haryana Bus Crash:

In a tragic incident that has shaken the community, six students lost their lives when a school bus overturned in Mahendragarh, Haryana. Adding to the gravity of the situation, it has come to light that the bus involved in the accident had an expired fitness certificate dated six years ago, raising questions about the negligence and oversight surrounding its operation.

The principal of the school, identified as Dipti, along with two others, including the driver and the school’s secretary, have been apprehended in connection with the incident. The driver, allegedly under the influence of alcohol, reportedly fled the scene moments before the bus collided with a tree.

Authorities have revealed that the driver’s medical examination confirmed the presence of alcohol in his bloodstream, lending credence to suspicions of intoxication playing a significant role in the tragedy. While some of the students who were hospitalized have been discharged, the condition of three remains critical.

The unfortunate event unfolded as students from various classes were en route to GL Public School. The bus, which belonged to the institution, veered off course and crashed, leading to the loss of innocent lives. Shockingly, investigations revealed that the bus had been operating without a valid fitness certificate since 2018, highlighting a glaring lapse in regulatory compliance.

In response to the incident, a state road transport official has been suspended pending further inquiry. Deputy Superintendent of Police Mahendra Rana underscored the severity of the situation, stating, “A case has been registered under sections of the Indian Penal Code dealing with culpable homicide not amounting to murder and others. Sections of the Motor Vehicle Act have also been applied because the fitness certificate was not valid.”

The revelation that local residents had alerted school authorities about the driver’s inebriated state prior to the accident has further intensified scrutiny. Authorities have confirmed recording statements from individuals making such claims, raising concerns about the lack of decisive action taken despite prior warnings.

This tragic incident underscores the critical need for stringent adherence to safety protocols and regulatory standards in the operation of school transportation systems. The loss of young lives serves as a stark reminder of the consequences of negligence and the imperative of ensuring the safety and well-being of students during their commute to and from educational institutions.

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