Ranchi Police Vigilant Ahead of Ram Navami: Measures Implemented to Ensure Peaceful Festivities

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By Sunil Chaudhary

Ranchi, April 16, 2024 – With the auspicious occasion of Ram Navami approaching, the city of Ranchi is gearing up for vibrant celebrations amidst heightened security measures. Ranchi Police have been on high alert following past incidents of violence during religious processions, implementing a range of strategies to ensure the safety and security of residents and participants.

Ranchi Police Vigilant Ahead of Ram Navami: Measures Implemented to Ensure Peaceful Festivities

In recent days, the Ranchi Police have conducted thorough surveillance operations, utilizing drone technology to monitor key areas where the Ram Navami procession is scheduled to pass through. During these surveillance efforts, police discovered stones placed on the rooftops of several houses near Hindpithi and Daily Market areas, raising concerns about potential security risks. Notices have been issued to the homeowners, urging them to remove the stones promptly. DSP Soyi, emphasizing the importance of community cooperation, warned homeowners that they would be held accountable for any disputes arising during the procession.

SSP Chandan Sinha, recognizing the significance of proactive measures, has ordered City SP and Rural SP to personally patrol sensitive areas and oversee the deployment of personnel. The directive underscores the commitment of Ranchi Police to preemptively address security threats and maintain law and order during the festival. Strict action will be taken by station heads in case of any trouble, signaling the zero-tolerance approach of law enforcement towards any disruptions.

In addition to security measures, Ranchi Police have implemented changes to traffic arrangements in the city to accommodate the immersion of Chaiti Durga Puja and Ram Navami festivities. These adjustments, effective from 4 AM on Tuesday until 6 AM on April 17th, aim to facilitate smooth traffic flow and ensure the safety of commuters and participants alike.

The preparations undertaken by Ranchi Police reflect a comprehensive approach to managing religious festivities, balancing the need for celebration with the imperative of public safety. The collaborative efforts of law enforcement and the community are crucial in fostering an environment of peace and harmony during such significant cultural events.

Residents and visitors are urged to cooperate with authorities, adhere to security protocols, and remain vigilant throughout the festivities. By working together, Ranchi can ensure that Ram Navami is celebrated joyously and without incident, embodying the spirit of unity and reverence that defines this auspicious occasion

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