Raveena Tandon Exposes Gender Pay Gap in Bollywood: 90s Actresses Struggle for Fair Compensation

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By Sunil Chaudhary

Veteran Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon has ignited a discussion on the pervasive issue of gender pay disparity in the Indian film industry. In a recent series of interviews, Tandon candidly revealed the stark contrast between the earnings of male and female actors during the 1990s, shedding light on the challenges faced by actresses in achieving financial parity with their male counterparts.

Raveena Tandon Exposes Gender Pay Gap in Bollywood: 90s Actresses Struggle for Fair Compensation

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Raveena Tandon, the renowned actress known for her iconic roles in Bollywood during the 1990s, has come forward to address the long-standing issue of gender pay inequality prevalent in the Indian film industry. In a string of interviews with various media outlets, Tandon disclosed the disparities she and other female actors faced in terms of compensation compared to their male counterparts.

According to Tandon, during her prime years in the industry, actresses had to work significantly harder to earn a fraction of what male actors were paid for similar roles. She revealed that while male stars like Aamir Khan and Salman Khan could afford to be selective and earn substantial sums from single films, actresses like herself had to commit to a multitude of projects to match the earnings of their male counterparts.

In her conversation with several news outlets including Hindustan Times, The Indian Express, and India Today, Tandon emphasized that it was not uncommon for actresses of her generation to star in 15 to 20 films just to reach the earning potential of a male lead in one movie. This glaring disparity not only underscored the financial challenges faced by actresses but also reflected systemic gender biases entrenched within the Bollywood industry.

Furthermore, Tandon elucidated on the broader issues faced by female actors in the 90s, highlighting the prevalent stereotypes and the time it took for actresses to establish themselves in the industry. She noted that while male actors were often catapulted to stardom with a single blockbuster, actresses had to navigate through a series of roles to gain recognition and financial stability.

Tandon’s revelations have sparked widespread conversations on social media platforms, with many expressing solidarity with her stance on pay equity in Bollywood. The industry, which has been under increasing scrutiny for its treatment of women both on and off-screen, now faces renewed pressure to address systemic inequalities and ensure fair compensation for all talent, regardless of gender.

As discussions surrounding gender equality continue to gain momentum within Bollywood and beyond, Tandon’s outspoken advocacy serves as a reminder of the persistent challenges faced by women in the entertainment industry and the urgent need for reform.


Raveena Tandon’s candid revelations regarding gender pay disparity in Bollywood have reignited conversations on the unequal treatment of female actors in the Indian film industry. Her courage in speaking out against entrenched biases serves as a catalyst for change, prompting a reevaluation of industry norms and a collective call for fair compensation and equal opportunities for all actors, irrespective of gender

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