Tragedy Strikes Karnataka: Congress Councillor’s Daughter Brutally Murdered on College Campus

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By Gulam Mohammad

In a tragic turn of events, Neha Hiremath, a first-year MCA student and the daughter of a Congress councillor, was brutally stabbed to death on the campus of BVB College in Hubballi, Karnataka. The incident has sparked outrage and raised questions about the safety of students, especially women, on college campuses. As the investigation unfolds, political tensions rise, with accusations and demands for justice echoing across the state.

Tragedy Strikes Karnataka: Congress Councillor's Daughter Brutally Murdered on College Campus

The Incident: Neha Hiremath was allegedly attacked by Fayaz Khondunaik, her former classmate, who reportedly stabbed her multiple times before fleeing the scene. The motive behind the gruesome murder seems to stem from Neha’s rejection of Fayaz’s proposal. Despite efforts to apprehend him, Fayaz managed to evade authorities briefly before being arrested.

Political Fallout: The heinous crime has quickly become politicized, with both the ruling Congress and opposition BJP engaging in a war of words. While the BJP has seized on the incident to highlight concerns over law and order under Congress rule, the Congress has refuted accusations of negligence, asserting that the incident is being exploited for political gains.

Calls for Justice: Amidst the political rhetoric, calls for swift and fair justice for Neha Hiremath have grown louder. Various groups, including women’s organizations, political parties, and civil society, have demanded stringent punishment for the perpetrator. However, the case has also led to debates over issues such as ‘love jihad’ and gender violence, further polarizing public opinion.

Investigation and Apologies: As the investigation progresses, authorities have made arrests not only in connection with the murder but also of individuals who attempted to justify the crime on social media. Meanwhile, the accused’s family members have issued apologies to Neha’s grieving family, seeking forgiveness and expressing remorse over the tragedy.

Community Response: The tragedy has also garnered widespread community support, with protests, rallies, and solidarity marches being organized across Karnataka. Leaders from various political parties have visited Neha’s family to offer condolences and assure them of support during this difficult time.

Conclusion: The brutal murder of Neha Hiremath has sent shockwaves through Karnataka, highlighting deep-rooted issues concerning women’s safety and law enforcement. As the investigation continues, it is imperative for authorities to ensure a thorough and transparent probe, delivering justice not only for Neha and her family but also for the larger community seeking accountability and reform in the face of such senseless violence.

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