Confident of return, Council of Ministers readies 100-day action plan after Lok Sabha polls

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By Sunil Chaudhary

PM Modi chairs day-long meeting for the last time before the announcement of the election schedule. He will also tour five states in the next three days

Confident of return, Council of Ministers readies 100-day action plan after Lok Sabha polls

In a significant gathering convened in New Delhi, the Union Council of Ministers assembled for what could be their final rendezvous before the imminent announcement of the Lok Sabha elections schedule. Brimming with confidence in the enduring support of the populace, the ruling alliance delved into strategic discussions on a 100-day blueprint poised to be actioned post the electoral verdict.

Under the astute leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the day-long session witnessed meticulous presentations by Secretaries, spotlighting a visionary roadmap for ‘Viksit Bharat 2047’ alongside a meticulously crafted action agenda for the forthcoming quinquennium.

According to sources privy to the deliberations, Prime Minister Modi delineated his comprehensive vision for a transformed India, emphasizing imperatives such as eradicating poverty, empowering every youth with skills, and ensuring the full saturation of welfare schemes across the nation.

Modi, in his characteristic fervor, urged the bureaucratic machinery to maintain its momentum unabated during the electoral phase, admonishing against any complacency. “Aap chhutti mat samajhiye, kaam par lag jaaiye (do not consider this a vacation, immerse yourselves in work),” he was quoted as passionately exhorting.

The roadmap for ‘Viksit Bharat’ is the culmination of extensive groundwork spanning over two years, inclusive of multifaceted consultations and engagements with stakeholders across the spectrum. A staggering array of meetings, workshops, and consultations involving diverse segments of society contributed to shaping this comprehensive blueprint, resonating with the aspirations of the nation.

Central to this roadmap are overarching objectives encompassing economic growth, attainment of sustainable development goals, facilitation of ease of living and doing business, bolstering infrastructure, and advancing social welfare initiatives.

Furthermore, a meticulously curated 100-day agenda, comprising immediate actionable measures, stands poised for swift implementation post the formation of the new government, slated for May.

The conclave of the Union Council of Ministers assumes significance against the backdrop of the impending electoral fray, with parties fervently engaged in formulating manifestos, charting campaign strategies, and finalizing candidate rosters.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Modi’s itinerary underscores his unwavering commitment to national development, with scheduled visits to Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Odisha, West Bengal, and Bihar. These engagements are slated to witness the inauguration and initiation of several transformative projects aimed at catalyzing growth and development across diverse sectors, underscoring the government’s resolute pursuit of progress and prosperity for all citizens.


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